Oxboard is certified

Oxboard is manufactured by our Dutch partner GBO. There are several certificates in the name of Oxboard BV or GBO in order to safeguard the full compliance of an Oxboard with all known legal requirements. Our certificate portfolio grows weekly. We can do so because we do our own Oxboard manufacturing. Oxboard is not just a commercial product, it is the result of design, purchase and production of own parts in a factory where each Oxboard is produced. Each part is purchased to specifications and quality-tested before it enters the factory. During the production process our production employees inspect the Oxboard in different stages of assembly.

Ultimately a final inspection takes place and in the factory every Oxboard is tested on driving performance, before it is shipped in the box together with its multilingual manual. Germany knows several standardizations for recycling. For example, the German authorities have provided Oxboard with all documents for recycling. Oxboard is also registered in the German “Stiftung elektro-altgeräte Register”. Every Oxboard is provided with a CE hallmark, which means that it complies with the EN15194:2009 standard norm for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles. Every Oxboard also complies with the American FCC standard regarding radio interference. This means that an Oxboard will not cause interference with other electronic devices. Always good to know in case you want to ride in a hospital or logistics centre with sensitive electronic equipment. Our batteries form the heart of the Oxboard and come straight from the Samsung factories. For the its power supply Oxboard has chosen an already certified power supply. In 2,5 hours’ time this will fully charge an Oxboard. We do our utmost to provide our customers with a quality product. Of course the lifecycle of an Oxboard is also determined by its use. Oxboards are no off-road vehicles and not made for extremely wet conditions. An Oxboard does not require maintenance, however a dry storage is necessary.

We use:

  1. Samsung batteries, puchased at Samsung Singapore. As there are many counterfeit Samsung batteries on the market we inspect the import documents with serialnumbers on site in China.
  2. These Samsung batteries will be selected by a tolerance test facility. Only the batteries which have a specific tolerance in performance will be used. The lowest output of a single battery cell influences the performance of all batteries combined. Our rejected Samsung batteries are sold to other Chinese battery makers, who still market these as being Samsung, but it’s B grade.
  3. We have a overheating chip on the battery PCB (65 degrees Celsius), as well as a overcharge and decharge chip which increase the length of the battery life, but as well makes sure the charger OR the Oxboard doesn’t affect it with peak power whether going in or out of the battery.
  4. The battery has a patented calibration and measuring function integrated, accessed with a specific tool a an additional connector on the side. For every 1.000 Oxboard we supply a tool free.
  5. The battery is CE, FCC and RoHS approved.
  6. The charger is a fan-less charger which needs 2,5hrs for a charger to 93% capacity. Unless all other chargers with a fan, we decided from the beginning Oxboard needed an improved battery management. This charger is safe, reliable, has CE, FCC and if you like fors ome countries UL as well. It can be supplied with various plugs like EU, UK, etc.
  7. The connector to the Oxboard is a DC jack, we all know from laptops. This is because of the reason the Chinese boards use a 3 pin connector which can be misplaced easily with all kind of negative aspects.