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OXBOARD is a Dutch design

Segway created a new category of transport with its self-balancing scooters – now OXBOARD makes this accessible to all. And the latest advances in technology mean it is so much smaller and more convenient. The combination of super-speedy software and electro giro-motors allows the device to remain balanced, whether stationary, or speeding along. All the rider needs is some sense of balance: most people master the OXBOARD within fifteen minutes or so.


OXBOARD comes from Eindhoven in The Netherlands, at the heart of a region world-famous for its trailblazing designs and innovations. The network of skilled entrepreneurs and technologists in the area was perfect to create OXBOARD. A full selection of available technology was assessed, then blended to create a unique product, making self-balancing transport accessible to the widest range of users. From young people looking for a fun activity, to business users zooming around trade fairs, and even logistics companies saving hours of time in the warehouse.


OXBOARD is made from A to Z by our Dutch design & production partner GBO, in Asia. We’ve been asked many times why OXBOARD is better than the competition. Below, we’ll give you a taste of what makes OXBOARD stand out.


  • Design. OXBOARDS have a solid, good-looking design with in a variety of colors (NOT lacquered, which gets scratched much more quickly!).
  • Indicators: 4 Xenon lights on the front. NB: 2 RED Xenon lights are installed on the back.
  • Better charger with laptop-style charging plug that always fits immediately, regardless of positioning, and that doesn’t have a noisy fan. This adapter is branded with the Oxboard logo and is CE and UL certified.
  • Solid and fully recyclable retail packaging with all the essential product information on it


  • All circuit boards are equipped with protective PCB coating.
  • Vibration-proof screws won’t vibrate loose after riding for a time, unlike regular screws.
  • All additional cable connections are fastened tightly with hot-melt adhesive.
  • All loose cables are held and protected by electric heat-shrink sleeves.
  • All circuit boards and LEDs are protected by a fuse against overloading, so they will not short circuit.
  • Sensors have been placed to detect misusage.
  • The central swivel mechanism is coated to prevent it from blocking
  • Batteries are Samsung–approved, and carry the Samsung and OXBOARD logos.
  • Sturdy metal brackets keep cables and batteries in place.

We take pride in using the best quality components the market has to offer. Even though components come in a wide range of quality and prices, we deliver the software and battery quality that is essential to offering the best product in the market.


  • Full in-house sourcing, manufacturing and assembly.
  • 1-year factory warranty.
  • Spare parts available.
  • Fully QC inspected manufacturing by a Dutch company at the factory.