Working in warehouses, airports, production sites and other logistics locations is hard on the legs. Traversing long distances takes a lot of time. For many employees, walking all these kilometres is an unpleasant part of the job. On top off that, it’s often not a really productive use of their time. An OXBOARD saves you time and effort. Since the OXBOARD doesn’t have handlebars, riders can manoeuvre with their feet, leaving their hands free for other activities. A compact design and a zero turn radius helps OXBOARD riders get into the narrowest places.


For company outings, holiday villages and city tours, it’s essential to be able to provide clients with new experiences. Riding an OXBOARD is easy to learn. Most people get a feel for riding an OXBOARD within 5 to 15 minutes. OXBOARDS have a relatively low purchase price, making it easy to recoup these costs. And all of that by providing a unique experience to smiling customers. What more could an event organiser want? Ah, of course: little maintenance. In that aspect, too, OXBOARDS differentiate themselves from the alternatives. Since production happens entirely in-house, we are among the few manufacturers to be able to give a real guarantee. Not just a seal on a box, but the certainty that the device will keep working. Charging the battery is safe and quick, so your OXBOARD can be used several times per day.


Whether you’re crossing the last few kilometres in the big city or zipping through the office or the company premises, an OXBOARD is a quick, efficient way of getting from A to B. With prudent use, an OXBOARD doesn’t require safety gear, allowing users to ride around in normal business clothing. Whether that is a three-piece suit, a lab coat or overalls, the smile and the fun will be the same.


An OXBOARD quickly earns back its purchase price. For business consultation, please contact OXBOARD specialist Mark van den Velden.